Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Make Stupid Bets

Don't make stupid bets especially if you are a man of your word.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Waisting Time

For My blog today I have picked part of a book - "Built For Show" By Nate Green

This book is totally awesome its all about training hard and looking good so that when it comes to the ladies which is why we boys workout things are not too hard .... well that's the plan anyway :P. I have read many training books in the past and I have to say that this is one of the best but you don't have to take my word for it just click on this picture of Mr Green below and you will be able to see what everyone else thinks of the book

Now that I have plugged his book I don't think he will mind me taking an idea from his book.

This book had a really cool section in it about having enough time to exercise but not at the cost of the things you love and I just had to share it with everyone and you can apply this to things other then just exercise.

Before we go any further I have to ask do you find yourself saying things like:

- I wish there was more hours in the day. or
- I wish had more time or something to that effect

Unfortunately for us:

Time Limited, it will always be running out, you can’t make more of it nor can you renew once it goes.

Wait minute did I say you can’t make more time I am sorry I lied yes you can I’ll but before I do think about waht you will do with the extra time I'll tell what I will do.
  1. I would learn to play the guitar.
  2. Learn Touch Typing so I can write more blogs.
  3. Build my body like Nate Green
  4. Learn Break Dancing and start backflipping off the walls
  5. and I will date supermodels

If only I had more time ... sigh.... :D

OK so how do you create more time without losing the things you love?

Well you list out all your time wasting activities figure out how much you can cut back without missing it and whoom I wave my magic wand and you have more time

I have created a table and done an example to help you all make more time.

Before we go any further I will define what “Time Wasting Activities are”

- These are activities that do not increase your health, wealth, happiness or sex appeal. :P

Just click on the images to make them bigger.

sorry about the typos you know what I mean

I did not bother calculating how much time I can save but you can see that I can save quite a few hours just by doing less of the things that don’t satisfy me. By doing this exercise I even learned that I really enjoy window shopping so I might do more of that when I want to relax.

If you like this exercise then just download the image below, print it( maybe some resizing in Word will be needed), think then do the exercise and more time will magically be available to you.

Damn its 1pm I gotta sleep.

Thanks for reading I hope this blog makes your life a bit better

good night

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Become a Master Chef

Have you ever tried to learn to cook properly, I have as I find the idea of being able to cook things other then grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and eggs to be extremely appealing. With cooking you get to explore your creativity, have alone time, impress others and literally enjoy the sweet taste of your hard work.

Unfortunately my desire and efforts to be a master chief have not always been tasteful. I'll give you an example; Not too long ago I bought a cook book for a hundred dollars so it was not a cheap book, I picked a cool recipe took my time to go buy all the ingredients, found some time to cook it and it turned out revolting, I spat out the first bite. after various similar efforts I kinda gave up but then I discovered Chef Todd

I have to share this guy with because he is just amazing:

He is Chef Todd Mohr and he will make you a master cook with his free videos on cooking on the internet. He knows what he is talking about and he presents it all in a fun and passionate way for FREE.

Here is an example you will learn something from just this one video and there is almost 200 more to go through:

And Click on the picture below to get to the rest of his videos:

Happy Cooking

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 10

I should probably start writing this story again before my memory fades too much because the story of my car is in no way complete and its quite a story thats worth saving and sharing. I had the mind of a child going into this I believed in my TV heroes that I grew up watching(Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain Planet) and as an adult I still watched these shows and ascribed to motivational speakers that said you should expect the best from people and that you get what you expect from others there is a level of stupidity to all this that only experience can teach you . Not to say that I expect people to be perfect I know people make mistakes and sometimes they have good intentions and are just get misunderstood what I did expect was honesty, fairness, professionalism, responsibility, gratitude and care for the people that pay you money and I can't say that I did not find these people but the good people are far ... far outnumbered by crooks and incompetence. Its just like Sylvester Stallone says "The world is a very mean and nasty place" you need to take your lessons and adapt or you will become a bitter and angry not wanting to take part in any of the cool things that he world has to offer.

When I got this car I was happy to get it so out of shape because I actually to work on something mechanical, to open things get my hands dirty, figure out how it all fits together screw up or fix it its a strange urge that only others with the same mind can understand and I did get to do this and learn lots of cool things but all this mechanical knowledge is actually quite useless to the modern man we just earn money and pay someone to do the work the things I learned that I think are priceless are on understanding yourself and dealing other people.

That is enough foreplay I think :P lets begin. I have the car at home I got a manual license so I can drive it but the car still has a dozen problems with it Andrew I believe had sold me this car because he had lost all hope with it ever getting back in shape he even tried to mislead by giving a very minimal estimate of how much it was going to cost to fix this car.

First of all he could never get the cars paint correct. Car paints usually have a code to them and in ballina while inspecting the car I saw that the cars color was not was not the orignal to which Andrew said don't worry about it I have the code and I will send it to you.... this was a lie a couple of calls and texts later I knew he was not going to do it. This would not be a problem I could just go down to an automotive paint shop and get the paint matched but the paint was not a standard color out of the dozens of blues you can have there was no matching code for my car. I do not know why this was not painted standard maybe the guy who painted it had a dozen different paints left over and decided to mix em all and see what happened or maybe he wanted match it exactly to his girlfriends eyes I don't know what what I do know is that I was left with was two very sucky options: which were to either spend over 2 grand painting the whole car and have the cars airbrushing covered or have my car 2 colours.

The second thing that I know that there was no way Andrew could have fixed was the fenders. For those of you that don't know the fenders are the metal cover above the front tires they hold the front bumpers in place. This was pretty badly damaged and thus needed replacing and if I replaced them it would take away the nice airbrushing that was on them.

One of the nicest and most unique things about this car was the pretty mural on it and the car was sold advertised as the new owner being able to enjoy this but the seller knew in this case that there was no way that this could be saved and that is probably why he let it go. This would dishearten most people but not me when you have no choice you figure a way :).

Lesson Learned - when people sell you second hand vehicles with problems they usually do not tell you everything and will mislead you. You are better off either buying a new car or getting something from a friend you will see often or something from a dealer.

This is not a conclusion I have come to from my own experiences I have seen this happen time and time again to other people around they buy vehicles expecting it to be functional then having to have to pay double or quadruple the initial amount. Its not just the money its the time spent and the inconvenience of having your vehicle malfunction in the middle of nowhere and then you have to rely on people to fix your vehicle who will charge you money and will only do a minimal patch up.

For me this journey was easier because my goal was learning but for others that just need a functional car for work and play this anguish will break up your marriage, give you an ulcer and make you a serial killer please just get your vehicles from proper sources its not worth getting it from anywhere else no matter how cheap.

Thanks for reading I will have the next part up soon.
Be well .. lol

Monday, August 3, 2009

Will Smith - The Alchemist

I found a really cool video of my favorite Actor:

"William Smithers"

If you go through life with the same phelosophy he has then mate I solute you because you are a legend.


"If you stay ready you ain't gotta get ready" - Will Smith