Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Waisting Time

For My blog today I have picked part of a book - "Built For Show" By Nate Green

This book is totally awesome its all about training hard and looking good so that when it comes to the ladies which is why we boys workout things are not too hard .... well that's the plan anyway :P. I have read many training books in the past and I have to say that this is one of the best but you don't have to take my word for it just click on this picture of Mr Green below and you will be able to see what everyone else thinks of the book

Now that I have plugged his book I don't think he will mind me taking an idea from his book.

This book had a really cool section in it about having enough time to exercise but not at the cost of the things you love and I just had to share it with everyone and you can apply this to things other then just exercise.

Before we go any further I have to ask do you find yourself saying things like:

- I wish there was more hours in the day. or
- I wish had more time or something to that effect

Unfortunately for us:

Time Limited, it will always be running out, you can’t make more of it nor can you renew once it goes.

Wait minute did I say you can’t make more time I am sorry I lied yes you can I’ll but before I do think about waht you will do with the extra time I'll tell what I will do.
  1. I would learn to play the guitar.
  2. Learn Touch Typing so I can write more blogs.
  3. Build my body like Nate Green
  4. Learn Break Dancing and start backflipping off the walls
  5. and I will date supermodels

If only I had more time ... sigh.... :D

OK so how do you create more time without losing the things you love?

Well you list out all your time wasting activities figure out how much you can cut back without missing it and whoom I wave my magic wand and you have more time

I have created a table and done an example to help you all make more time.

Before we go any further I will define what “Time Wasting Activities are”

- These are activities that do not increase your health, wealth, happiness or sex appeal. :P

Just click on the images to make them bigger.

sorry about the typos you know what I mean

I did not bother calculating how much time I can save but you can see that I can save quite a few hours just by doing less of the things that don’t satisfy me. By doing this exercise I even learned that I really enjoy window shopping so I might do more of that when I want to relax.

If you like this exercise then just download the image below, print it( maybe some resizing in Word will be needed), think then do the exercise and more time will magically be available to you.

Damn its 1pm I gotta sleep.

Thanks for reading I hope this blog makes your life a bit better

good night

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