Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Become a Master Chef

Have you ever tried to learn to cook properly, I have as I find the idea of being able to cook things other then grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and eggs to be extremely appealing. With cooking you get to explore your creativity, have alone time, impress others and literally enjoy the sweet taste of your hard work.

Unfortunately my desire and efforts to be a master chief have not always been tasteful. I'll give you an example; Not too long ago I bought a cook book for a hundred dollars so it was not a cheap book, I picked a cool recipe took my time to go buy all the ingredients, found some time to cook it and it turned out revolting, I spat out the first bite. after various similar efforts I kinda gave up but then I discovered Chef Todd

I have to share this guy with because he is just amazing:

He is Chef Todd Mohr and he will make you a master cook with his free videos on cooking on the internet. He knows what he is talking about and he presents it all in a fun and passionate way for FREE.

Here is an example you will learn something from just this one video and there is almost 200 more to go through:

And Click on the picture below to get to the rest of his videos:

Happy Cooking


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Hi Deepak!

Your post caught my attention for obvious reasons! :)

The videos have been a year-long beta test that is just about complete. I've gotten lots of great feedback, had opportunity to test my content and I've learned a LOT!

All of this plus the information I've presented (and learned) in my live classes are being rolled up into a very cool program of online cooking classes. The program is vastly improved over the FREE version that's been on You Tube for a year.

Thanks for your comments and please keep in touch. you can reach me via contact form on www.i-hate-cooking-recipes.com

Chef Todd Mohr

Graylik said...

Wow Chef I don't know how you found my little blog aut of the million other ones that are out there.

But anyway thank you for doing so much work to put up so much great information.

And you say the new classes will be vastly improved on what you have ... wow. I gonna grab your DVD it looks to be really great value and will be waiting for vol 2

Thanks again


Deepak said...

Hey Everyone chef mohr has removed most of vids unfortunately those 200 vids are no longer there but the few he does still have are really good.

And his DVD series Burn your recepies is pretty good too dvd 3 is the best.