Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anger Management

Most people would say that getting angry is bad, its wrong, its destructive which is fine I guess because some people take it to the extreme and start killing. I don't think anger is bad I think anger is an awesome emotion it saves you from heart ache and gives you drive to do things to improve your life that you otherwise wouldn't do however it does need to be managed.

An example of a place were anger is good is suppose a a girl breaks up with a dude and the dude really likes this chick. In this situation the dude could either be sad or mad now if the dude was sad he would feel sorry for himself, think what is wrong with him, try to do stupid things to get her back, drive like an idiot (you could drive like an idiot when you are mad too I suppose), start drinking, gambling, committing suicide all of which are seriously uncool. On the flip side if the dude got mad...not crazy mad but normal mad he would go home tear up all her pictures, her gifts will go in the trash, he'll be like "yeah its good she broke up with me I got tired of schrewing her anyway", he will go out and find someone new. I would personally would like the guy who gets mad more because I know he is passionate and has fire in his heart, he is resiliant enough to deal with lifes troubles so I know he will be adventurers will try more things and will ultimatelly have a more fulfilled life.

On improving my life I have done so many things to improve my life because I was angry. I quit my old job without anywere else to go at the time because I was angry at my boss this lead me to eventually getting a really great job. I got into training because I was mad at being overweight, I have gotten rid of people that were weighing me down, I have made sure I get treated fairly by making people behave and listen to me when they would otherwise ignore me just by getting angry a bit because for some reason people pay more attention to you when you are mad.

But anger can't just be pulled out blindly as immediate reactions to situations because you are not harnessing the power of anger then you are just losing it. If you lose it you could do a lot of harm. If a situation makes you angry its best to save the reaction for a while so that you can think. I on occasion have gone home and wrote down the reason why I am so angry just incase I calm down with time I have something to go back to which will give me a boost to make sure a particular situation does not happen again does that make me weird I don't know but if this exercise helps me improve my life I don't care so you should try it too.

So thats my speel on anger managmentI hope you enjoyed it . thanks again for reading. If all this managing and harnessing does not work for you then just kick the mother.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Story Of My Car Part 3

I ran into some major trouble the day before I went to get my car and luckily my dad was a big help this time and this blog is about that. I will warn you that this post is a bit yukky so if you have been reading my blog you may wanna skip it.

Anyway the night before I was gonna catch a plane to Ballina I don't know what hit me but I got sicker then I had ever been before in my life. I must have thrown up like six times that night. Before I went to bed the afternoon before I was feeling a bit out of it but I thought I just needed some sleep. Now i don't know exactly how it started but I woke up at night and just started throwing up. I would throw up once get a glass of water sit for a while and do it again.

Everyone was asleep at night but my I did manage to wake up my dad with the noise I was making and I was initially annoyed because I thought he would try and stop me from the flight tomorrow but thankfully he was somewhat aware of all the planning I had done earlier so he did not suggest that. The first thing I remember him saying was that it was OK to throw up throw up as much as possible because your body is trying to get rid of something and throwing up in this situation is good, Hearing this was a relief because till that point I was really concerned about what had happened to me and just as he had predicted I felt quite a bit better after a while. He gave me some De-gassing pills and what they basically do is make you burp till your stomach is empty of air now I am not sure if he gave me those to make me throw up more or to relieve me of my sickness but those pills made me throw up some more but eventually i could not vomit anymore. I did not want to ingest anything else but my dad told me that Milo was good for an upset stomach so I had some and that actually made me feel alright and I was able to sleep.

Before I went to sleep my dads warning was that if during my trip I started having diarrhea as well I would have to stop at a hospital and get myself hooked up to a drip machine because losing that much fluid was just too dangerous. Well I woke up early next morning and I had diarrhea and I was going to ignore my dads warning and go anyway and thankfully he was asleep so he had no idea.

I told my brother of the situation 'omitting the part about me having to go to hospital if I had diarrhea' and we were off. I was feeling really weak, I was aching everywhere and my insides felt like it was full of sludge. I did not eat anything that morning I just bought 2 bottles of Gatorade and drank that really slowly because I did not want to throw up anymore. From a scale of 0 to 10 for how bad I was feeling I was at a 7 the night before when I was throwing up and I was at a 9 in the morning. I would get to a 10 when I would be walking too long because I had to sit down recover then if I sat 1 way too long something else would start getting uncomfortable so I had stand for a while then sit back down again. I should mention that despite the fact that I was sick I was actually pretty excited to be going to get my car and I was not so sick that I needed to be bed ridden I could still walk and talk and pretend that I was fine.

A bus and a train trip later we were at the airport with about an hour and half to spare we had given ourselves a lot of extra time in case we got lost but we didn't. I bought my brother some breakfast and I continued sipping on my Gatorade. I found a toilet and preceded to take as much crap out of me as possible because for one thing the plane trip was going to be about two hours long so I did not want anything happening then and also the more crap I took out of me the better I felt.

By the time it got getting onto the plane I would say I was on a 6 on the sickness scale all the toilet time and the Gatorade had helped however the trip to Ballina was not totally uneventful and I am going to tell more on that on the next edition of the story of my car.

Because of the yuky content of this blog I am going to leave you with picture of Keith Hamilton Cobb I got a serious man crush on this dude..... a man crush does not mean I'm gay Richard it just means I think this guy is cool.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I got this one from Alwyn Cosgrove's blog its one of my favorite.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The story of my car - Part 2

I bought this car on e.Bay without actually realizing how far away it was. It was in Ballina NSW and I live in Blacktown NSW I half expected that the seller will be able to drive this thing home for me but that was not true I actually had to take a plane to go get this thing. I had to match my off days to Andrews( the dude i bought the car from) and that had to be matched to plane times and then i also needed someone to drive the car home because I was just an inexperienced automatic car driver and this was a manual. This blog is about all the troubles I faced in trying to get to my car.

With driving the car home there was no problem because my awesome brother said he would drive it home for me so that was cool however I needed to get us to Ballina first. We had two options on how to do this the first was to go by train and the second to go by plane, I don't exactly remember why but we picked the plane option. We found a fairly cheap flight to Ballina mid week and we picked that one. Neither me or my brother had ever done this before so there was a bit of grief in getting our tickets but we eventually got what we needed. We could not book online because we needed credit cards to be able to do that and neither of us had one so we had to do it through a travel agency. The agency charged me a bit extra but it was worth it for me to go to the agency because they told me exactly were I needed to go and everything I needed to do on the day which not really much when I think about it now but at that point I was pretty confused about this whole plane travel thing.

After getting my brothers OK I had to deal with was my boss I asked him if I could have the following week off to which he said no which sucked because that was not an unmanageable request the health club were I worked had enough staff to make up for me when I was away. I wanted the whole week off because I wanted to bring the car home and just practice driving it a bit because of my inexperience in driving manual cars. OK fair enough I can't take a week off with such short notice so I just asked for 3 days off so I could bring my car home to which he said no again and that was so disheartening because apart from all the other things I had to get right getting time off work was something I never anticipated I would have trouble with. When he said no the second time it was probably the most heart broken I was in a very long time and I do not get heart broken easy I prefer to get mad and had so many reasons to get mad because it was unfair:
  • For one thing 3 days was only 3 days people got sick and they have to take time off just pretend i was sick.
  • I had raving about how exciting it would be to finally get a car and he knew how much it meant to me. Every meeting we had uptill that point were talked personal goals or what i was doing during my free time it was always I had been looking at cars online or going to car yards or what kind of car I wanted, having a car was the only goal I had.
  • At that point I had worked there full time for more then 6 months and in this time other staff there had either quit or had taken at least 2 weeks off already.
  • I made more money for the club then anyone else there. Since the first week I worked there I had not once gotten paid more money then I made for the club and I was not just barely paying my wages more often then not I was making more then 10 times what I was getting paid.
  • I was always covering for other staff who kept getting sick or had family troubles and this happened often. There was one time I had worked 12 days straight without any days off. it was not just me covering for others I more often then not stayed back longer just to be more productive.
  • Every piece of training material i could find I would take home read re-read, take notes and revise notes just so I could be a bit better.
  • Not that I wanted or expected anything in return for all this my manager was probably not even aware of all this I just wanted to be good at what I did but I deserved better and that is the thing that hurt.... I deserved better.
  • Not being able to get the time off that I wanted would mean I would have to reschedule things with an increasingly impatient seller, I would have to reschedule things with my brother who would be fine with it but he had a life of his own, I would have to get another plane to Ballina and they all seem to be all booked out for 1 week in advance.
All these thoughts were at the back of my head when I was asking for time off but I did not say anything perhaps he saw the reaction on my face and ended our conversation by saying "I will think about it". I have been in sales for a while and I know when someone says "I will think about it" it means no but that reaction made me feel better because I thought he might grant me my request so I went on planning as normal. A few days later he gives me a call and tells me "he can't give my few days off but I can have an off week following the time I had requested" to which I lied "I have already bought my plane tickets" and after a bit of grumbling I got what I wanted. I was very angry at my boss with this reaction for a long time but I did eventually forgive him because though he is not perfect I have had many employers and this one is fairest and the one I look up to the most.... :) most of the time anyway.

It had already been a week since I bought the car and the seller was getting pretty impatient asking me for a deposit I of course was not gonna give it to him I had to at least see the car and test it out first. He was demanding that I come faster and get the car sooner because he was moving away and he needed the car to be taken I do not think he was actually moving away he just wanted me to come over faster... after a few emails he understood my situation and stopped giving me unnecessary stress. Apart from the grief he was giving me he was also not gonna be very helpful when i got to Bellina I asked him to drive me to the RTA office in Ballina and he said he could not because he needed to get back to work after he gave me the car..... this was not too much trouble I knew I could find the RTA building when I got there but I was not gonna give him any money until I was sure the car was alright because I could not have the car break down half way home Ballina is actually more then 500 kilometers away from were I live and I was going to use up all my savings when I gave him payment.

Speaking of money I was running pretty low on my budget for this car. Before that day I was saving a thousand dollars a month towards the purchase of a car I also had a special savings account were I put ten percent of everything I earned I do not take money out of this account unless I really need it and when I do take money from it I have to replenish it as soon as possible. With having to buy this car I would spend all this money I can't remember exactly but I think it was around seven grand in total spending all this money would have been fine if the car was close by but because it was in Ballina there were so many extra costs. I still needed money for fuel, a motel, food, a GPS device and I also wanted a camera so that we could take pictures of things as we were coming home, there was always the possibility that something could go wrong on our trip home so we needed extra cash to be able to get back. There was only one person I could turn to with my problem .... my mom and god bless her beautiful heart she gave me one grand and that would more then cover for everything we needed. I had written about my personal heroes during my last blog and my mom is one person who has never ever disappointed me.

After all this there was one more person I had to deal with my father. When he found out our plans he kept on insisting on us not going, the guy could be a fraud, the car could break down, get the car here by some other means. All this was really frustrating because my Dad when he gets his mind set on something he just wants to get his way and in this situation he was throwing every possible problem at me, living at home is great because you save so much dow but then you have to contend with parents who are opinionated about the stuff you get up to. Well I got my father to stop giving me grief but I did this by having to verbally beat him down ... not the proudest of moments but at least I got my way. My dad was actually quite helpful once it registered that we were going to do this he actually pointed out something both me and my brother had overlooked which was insurance we had to get that as soon as we got the car it was way too dangerous to drive a car without insurance.

We bought a camera and a GPS device. The sales guy from whom we bought the GPS at JB HIFI kept giving me trouble because I had to come back about three times to get all the parts as they were not all packed when I bought the thing. We made a print out from Google maps of the route home, We called a motel between Ballina and Blacktown and got the prices, we saved a route on the GPS device of the trip home and the stops we wanted to make, I got a check made out of the money I was going to give Andrew. With the help of my dad I made we made a checklist of all the things we had to check in the car before we started driving it back. We did all this in the few days leading up to the flight and on the afternoon I came back from work we went to Ballina I charged everything, I rechecked everything through a checklist I had made earlier packed everything rechecked it and repacked it again and I was pretty ready but that night the biggest problem imaginable struck.

What was this problem well you are going to have to wait till my next blog to find out because that is enough for part 2 of this series. I will have part 3 up very soon

Thanks again for reading
Have a great night or whatever the situation is when you are reading :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Heros, mentors and people to look up to.

This hero is damn hot.

As much as I would like to elaborate on this picture I won't she is just there to look pretty. What I am gonna blog about today is personal heroes, people I look up to and try to be more like. I had a few them as I was growing up and it was great for a while having someone to look up to gave me goals and direction when I was young but eventually these people I looked up to end up being disappointing.

Heroes for me started with my dad when I was little I thought he was superman but then I grew a bit and my dad became uncool. Then there were other people I knew friends and cousins who may have been older good at sports, attending university, been training but they too eventually ended up being disappointing because they had to grow up get jobs, get married, gain weight and just become plane guys you do that could not be idolized anymore. Lets not forget Sylvester Stallone and Arnie most guys in there 20s would be lieing if they said they were not inspired by these guys. Who can say they do not feel like training after watching a training montage from a Rocky movie.

But after learning recently that these guys were on roids and that is the reason why they are in such great physical shape even these guys ended up being disappointing. Not that I do not enjoy these guys at the movies anymore but they just fiction now when in the past they were more then that.

Perhaps it is wrong try and be like others because people can't be perfect after all its not all that hard to know what you want:
  • To be physically fit,
  • to have real friends,
  • to have one partner who you are crazy about and vice-versa,
  • to be brave enough to stand up for yourself when treated unfairly,
  • to be adventurers and open to new ideas,
  • to lend a hand to someone who needs it,
  • to be good at ones chosen career or sport
  • to be cheerful
  • to have all the toys and gadgets you want,
  • to not be afraid to make mistakes and when they happen to learn from them.
Maybe having a Hero is not necessary after all but I still need one so I have made an imaginary one but taking bits and pieces from people I know one person is great physically another great in sporting while another very cheerful I have taken what I like from these people and created an imaginary hero not an imaginary person that I talk to or try to introduce to my friends but just someone to be like. Does that make me weird ? I don't know. I would like to think that everybody has one of these friends

If I had real people as my heroes that must mean that there might be people who idolize me as well and that gives me goals too, I can't treat myself like crap or let others be unfair to me, I have to be cheerful, brave and adventurous because if I am not I could disappoint someone. I probably will disappoint someone because I'm not perfect either but I will try to be as perfect as I can.

Thanks again for reading


The story of my car - Part 1


I have got so many memories of this car that I can only put it into a multi part series. I will start with how I came about wanting and getting a car like this.

Two years ago i did not care about done up cars .... yeah I saw them in movies and thought they were cool but if I saw a cool car on the road I would not give them a second look my brain just was not geared that way. What really got me to appreciate these beuties was my brother he had a little Honda CRX and he loved that thing to bits and that rubbed off onto me.

Even though my brothers driving would scare the bajesus out of me at times like he would stop at a red light then slam the accelerator and the car would just take off and I would get slammed into the seat by the G-force that little car created, and he would do these crazy things like zig zagging through traffic on a motorway with traffic moving at 100. I do not do any of that and luckily my brothers crazy driving has ruined his cars clutch and engine so he is not doing any of that either.

When I did get my license at the grey old age of 24 even though I wanted a sporty car I tried to get anything i just wanted to get started driving streight away because being 24 and not driving was seriously uncool. I almost bought a crappy 2.5 liter station wagon which would take me from A to B but looked like crap my old boss even wanted me to buy his fugly Pintara but thankfully I did not get either of these junk heaps I took a step back and thought if i am gonna spend a few grand on something I have to like it. The first car has to be special like the first girl you have a crush on or the first dog you have.

I did not know enough about cars to make a decent decision and the only person I could turn to was brother Rituraj and he was awesome. As I grew up I developed the belief that its great to have lots of friends in the outside world but it is most important to build strong relationships with your family because they will always be around everyone else will move away and change but a brother or a sister is always with you and they will alway care. This little hypotheses of mine was totally proven by my brother. He without asking for anything in return looked up numerous cars Lancers, Supras, WRX's, Silvias and many others, he also poured his vast amount of car self learned knowledge into me everything about rims, clutches, breaks, engine sizes, fibre glass, hood, exhaust sounds, body kits what makes cars cool, what racial groups drive what cars, where to find cars.

He eventually did find me a car it was on e.bay:
  • it was my favorite color,
  • I had a thing for wolfs and it had a wolf design on the hood,
  • it was very sporty Honda,
  • it was fuel efficient,
  • It was a coupe which is what i wanted,
  • it was very rare which made it very cool.
  • The car was a bit beat up which and I wanted a car that I could spend some effort on.
  • It had cromies and cool interior,
  • It had good tires,
  • It was a manual an even though I only had an automatic license that is what I wanted
  • I could actually afford it.
Being on eBay I could not touch it therefore I asked by brother to speak to the guy selling it and he did and said that this guy was genuine so I bought the thing without touching it but I trusted Mr Riturajs judgment. I committed to spend almost all the money had saved up prior to that date.

I had bought this car but it was still more then a hundred kilometers away I had some how get there and get it back. I had to take time off work from a boss who did not wanna let me go, I got sicker then I had ever been before, and so many other things and I will write about all this as I continue The Story Of My Car.

Thanks again for reading.

Have a good one