Monday, January 12, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 5

When I arrived in Ballina I was Quite alright my sickness was mostly gone what I had to do now was find the car make sure it was OK register it and take home.

Finding the car was not too difficult Andrew knew what we looked like as I had sent pictures of myself and my brother to him earlier in the week, a quick call later we were in front of the car and the pictures that I had seen on eBay did not do it justice it was gorgeous.

The thing that had impressed me the most was the picture on the hood it was so detailed like I could see the trees in the background, the moon was detailed, the clouds had different textures to make it look real, the howling wolf was so detailed that different colors of its fur and shadows were easy to see even the inside of the wolfs mouth was detailed. The other things that impressed me was the cars white interior which at that time I thought was leather( it actually was vinyl). The Subs the car had were bigger then anything I had ever seen and the rims, the gear knob, meter display that lit up blue and green, .... it was pretty awesome.

Though there was a lot that was good with the car there was also a lot wrong with the car at the time I only noticed the scratches, the damaged lights, torn seats and damaged body kit but there was more . All these things I was happy with as well because I did not just want a ready made car, I wanted a car that I could do some work on, something i could, could get my hands dirty with, learn things from and lucky ( or unlucky depending on your point of view) for me the cars problems would eventually turn out major dramas but I will talk more about that later.

With the car in front of me we went on to check and see if everything was good with the car. We had a check list that we went through and this checklist included things like lights, oil leaks, breaks, gears etc. Everything checked out we test drove the car to the R.T.A. in Ballina with me sitting at the back and my brother and Andrew sitting in the front ( seems like he did not have to go to work after all). Andrews brother followed us in a car beside us.At the RTA I filled out the relevant papers and the car was mine once this was done I gave Andrew his check and we parted ways.

Now it was time for us to drive the car home but first we had to straighten the damn seat. The seat on the passenger side of this car is damaged and its adjusting levers need to be pulled in a certain way to make it lock in place and Andrew neglected to mention how is this is done( there is actually quite a few things he neglected to mention) to us before he left so the two of us struggled with the seat for a while before we eventually did something to lock it in place and then we could start driving.

The first thing we did when we could start driving was turn on the GPS and find a place to eat and we found a McDonald's. Now I had been sick for a while and a couple of hours earlier I would not have considered putting anything solid in my mouth but I was felt like I could handle it now and thankfully I could because the meal did not come back up( it just went down :)... more later). We had also bought a couple of cakes as celebration of us getting the car however the cakes were pretty yuk so we only took a couple of bites and left em be.

Once we were done eating I called the NRMA to get my car insured and this was cool because the girl was taken aback by everything I told her about the car I told her we had:
  • Air brushing
  • Custom plates
  • 17 inch chrome rims
  • Sound system
  • Leather interior
  • None stock rear lights
  • Special LED light up display
  • Lowered with sports suspension
  • Body kit
  • Pod filter
And as we were telling the girl all these things about the car we were asking each other "what else does this car have" and we mentioned other minor things like the tints and the special gear knob. When I asked to have it insured one way she was really surprised because she figured I would wanna insured it fully and she was even more surprised when I valued the car at only 10 grand.

With the car insured it was finally time to start heading home and boy do I have some stories about our trip home you all are just going to have to wait and see what the rest of my adventures were.

Thanks for reading again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I was on T.V.

Thats right I am a TV star.... mopping floors :)

I should write about how I got this gig I will do that in a later blog but for now try to find me in the ad I am in it for less the a second.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 4

Now were did I leave this story ... ahh yes the plane trip. again I will say if things like vomiting make you uncomfortable then skip this blog. If you are not skipping this blog then lets talk about the plane trip.

I had stayed in the toilet a while and I had not eaten anything that day but the 15 minutes I was waiting to get into the plane all I could think about was finding a toilet so that I could throw up because the Gatorade I had taken wanted to come back up but thankfully I was able to distract myself long enough to get a seat on the plane and when I was seated I felt better then when I was walking. I distracted myself by trying to find more brown people that were going to be traveling with us turns out me and my brother were the only terrorizers on the plane there was a black dude but but he was not a terrorizer it was just us too.

There was a half hour extra were we sat on the plane because they were waiting for passengers that had not arrived yet and that was a bit stressful because Andrew had told me that he needed to get back to work as soon as he gave me the car and this extra delay was gonna seriously screw up our schedule I really did not wanna be anymore stressed. Anyway after the plane took off it was cool I distracted myself by talking to my brother about the air hostesses who happen to be really "fine" and by looking at the little GPS TV in front of us that showed the position and speed of the plane relative to were we were going the thing that was the most conversation was the fact that we were going 500km/h when while driving we only ever get to 100 as our max speed.

Just before we had to land the Gatorade had to come out I was sitting in between some dude and my brother throwing up onto a complete stranger was less acceptable then throwing up on my brother at least that was the thought I had when I took the seat I neglected to mention that to my brother. Not that i had to throw up on anyone because motion sickness was an expected thing on the a plane and we were given bags to throw up in. I did not throw up in the bag just because 30 seconds before I had to pass my insides out the one of the cute air hostesses passed by and I asked her if I could use the toilet and she said O.K. So I got up ran to the back of the plane with everyone looking at me but I did not care cause it would have been a lot more embarrassing and trouble if i threw up half way to the toilet or even funnier still if I threw up on someone. I got to the toilet and as soon as closed the door and turned around I threw up...... so close.

That was not the end of it you see in my haste I had thrown up into the little sink they had instead of the toilet. what I had passed out was quite interesting for like 2 seconds because what the stuff was just a red liquid which made sense because I drank red Gatorade but it was oily like thick oily now if I was some sort of doctor or tummy expert I would probably know what that was about but I'm not so I was pretty fascinated but anyway my fascination only lasted two seconds because the damn thing was not going down the sink. Luckily I had run to the toilet with the bag that they gave us for motion sickness and I used that to transfer the stuff from the sink to the toilet it was quit an inefficient system because this was just a paper bag.

As I was doing the cleanup the captain announced that we all needed to get back to our seats because the plane was going to be landing and someone outside was knocking at my door because they had to pee ... I only left after I had cleaned the place properly eventhough the girl knocking at the door was quite upset but i could not leave the mess for someone else to clean.

When the plane did land I was actually feeling pretty alright that last throw up had probably taken 90% of whatever it was my body was trying to get rid of and i would say on my sickness scale I was down to a 2 not that all my troubles were over we were in Bellina now but we still had to drive home and if you wanna know about the rest of our adventures you are just gonna have to wait for part 5.

Well you read through this yucky blog again so I am going to have to leave with a picture of another dude I have a man crush on:

How do I have a man crush on him you ask ... mate how can I not look at him his Hugh friggin Jackman the sexiest man alive and his wolvarine and his got massive guns and pecs and shoulders and...... beard :D