Friday, December 25, 2009

Things I Learned In 2009

1) Life is good. We have more opportunity to go anywhere, hangout with anyone, learn anything, and be anyone. the hard part is figuring out what you want and sticking to it till you achieve it.

2) Life is too short for bullshit:
  • If people annoy you let them know but do it as best you can not to upset them because there life is too short as well but don't tolerate it too long.
  • Don't settle for second best if you want something pay the price for it, wait it out and make a goal and make the effort to get it.
  • Do new things, plan cool things to do don't get lost in routine, time is passing and you are getting older.
3) Take a break. with having unlimited opportunity there is always so much to do and if you keep doing it you will get overwhelmed so take a break and enjoy your past achievements.

4) Your mind is the enemy. This is big when you actually understand your mind you will see that it is almost evil in the way it treats you:
  • You will decide to have the perfect diet and training program so you can achieve some really neat fitness goals and you will do your best but you lose concentration eventually and your mind goes "Oh I don't feel like exercising today" and when you give into it it will do it again the next day until you have forgot about it and when you are trying to keep a good diet it will say "oh one wont hurt" and when you give into that it will say "Oh well your diet is ruined now so might as well eat like crap all the time"
  • Bad things will happen and the event in it self won't be as bad but your mind will keep thinking and thinking about it even though you will know better and thus will make the event worse mentally and physically.
  • Out of nowhere it will pull out past mistakes and regrets that may have layed dormant for years at the back of your head and it will use these things to upset you when there is nothing you can do about them and you could use the energy better to be happy and look to the future.
  • The mind will also project the future in a bad way so you think of yourself as not good enough so you will be ify about future endeavors, you will fictitious arguments with others in your head that may never come to pass.
  • It will make you sleep an hour longer in the morning even though that hour will not give you any extra rest and will lead to things getting undone.
  • It will make you leave projects half done or unstarted in favor of wasting time with surfing the net and watching TV that is not even interesting.
Yes the mind does trick, torment and hold you back in innumerable ways it is the cat that is playing with the mouse which is your goals and peace of mind but being aware of it makes it easier for you to deal with it

5) Do not be too rigid in your view always be willing to try something new even if you do not believe in it because if you do not you could waste years in achieving a goal. An example of this is with my exercise i always thought that you need to exercise in a certain way to achieve your goals but this year I did something different and with less effort and in a shorter time I achieved more of my fitness goals then I had done in the years past.

6) Be gentle to others everyone has the same capacity to be proud, feel pain and get angry as you even even the people who really piss you off and when you get upset it is never the situation or person that upset you it is your reaction to it and when you react badly it has the effect of growing in your mind and upsetting you further
  • Don't blow your horn when someone does something wrong in traffic, they made a mistake it happens and they might be in a rush it happens, how would you feel if someone blows there horn at you.
  • Don't share that which is bothering you with others because talking does not always help I actually think it may do more harm then good because when you put troubles into words it has the effect of making the problem more solid which leads you to churning it in your head longer instead of forgetting about it. It is also a privilege to have someone listen to you when you share your troubles you are upsetting them as well and doing this to the people who care about you is cruel.
  • Remember that "Negatives Only have Power Over You When You React to Them" and everyone has a "Point Of View"
7) Brian Tracy is my new hero.

8) America is an awesome country.

9) you need balance in everything you do, too much of one thing even if it is good is not a good thing.

10) 2010 is going to be the best year ever

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