Monday, January 2, 2017

Amazing Things That Happened In 2016

Hi Deepak if I am reading this in the future and to anyone else reading this. 2016 was a great year but before I mention what I loved I'll talk about a few disappointments. China continues to build islands in the south China sea, Russia is still in Ukraine ... will this lead to an all out war I hope not. Radical Islamic terrorism has continued to ravage the West. Crimes from refugees and their descendants that the west has taken in has been especially horrifying to witness and the lack of action by the pussified western media, politicians and law enforcement system has been even more dismaying then the actual crimes. Australia has a large aging population and figuring out how to fund them all is going to be difficult.... both of Tonys parents just had 100% of their pensions cut because of changes in the pension system ...(his parents live in a house worth over a million). Canada is openly racist towards white people not accepting refugees from white South Africa.

hmm as I am writing this I a realising there is actually quite a lot more I want to say about what went wrong in 2016 I probably should write a blog about that topic as well.... lets see if I care to do for now let me talk about what I loved in 2016.

The Crybully SJW got a beating - normally these people are all over academia and at work sites where people can not fight back for fear of losing their jobs or job prospects(This happened to me when I was in TAFE) and they are cry bullying in the media where they are protected by safe spaces because of what the media likes to emphasize. Youtube commentators came in and ripped these people to shreds- Independent Man, Bearing, Atheism is Unstoppable, ThunderfOOt, Some Black Guy, Sargon Of Akkad and many more made intelligent videos that ripped all these people to shreds.

Milo Yannopoulos - How will the SJW cry bully a Homosexual, Jew whose sexual preference is Black Men they can't and milo used this shield to go around speaking at American universities and doing many TV interviews to talk a little sense into people.  

Trump Presidency - If there was one message that the public could give to Hollywood and the news media to say the world is not buying your crap anymore it was electing Donald Trump. He fought off all the buzzwords Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Ante-Semite, Islamaphobe, Nazi, KKK, He hates Mexicans, he sexually molested women.... he was elected in spite of all that. Aside from winning against all those accusations I am genuinely hopeful for the world and America now because of the policies he is proposing. He wants to remove all the dumb restrictions on US energy production so finally we may all be free of middle eastern oil. He has spoken to great tech giants who are also great philanthropists about how he can help them and by being in speaking terms with trump they will hopefully be able to propose good things for the US. He spoke to Jim Brown to get the America I can program to all of Americas Black community. There is so much I am excited for with Donald Trump I would be writing a while if I kept going. Maybe I should write a separate blog for that. 

Elon Musk - Elon is an amazing human being and he continues to show amazing things we will be able to enjoy in the future. This year he revealed the solar roof shingles which are far superior than anything anyone had imagined and he revealed the solar roof 2 I wonder if one will be able to power his or her whole house with this system in a few years. He teased autopilot 2 which would make Teslas completely autonomous. He showed off his plans for getting humans to Mars... why has no one else thought about having multiple refuelling stops on the way to another planet. We were teased a little with an image of the falcon heavy:

He teased a new version of the Supercharger which may charge cars in 10 minutes. He wants to create a new company that will create tunnels to relieve traffic and he will call it the Boring company. The world is exciting with Elon in it and I am looking forward to the things he does in 2017.

Indiebio & Rebelbio - The idea here is to take companies with great products in the lab who want to improve the world with less pollution, less animal suffering and lower costs with the use of biology and give them training funding, a lab and help them create a sellable product. I have generally been disappointed with the entire biology and animal replacement industry this year because nothing I was excited for last year is really in production yet and the one company Hampton Creek which seemed like it was a break out success has been doing some very cunty things I still believe in what the company is doing but wish this never happened. Moofree which is now Perfect Day is not out yet and a few other companies just seemed to be all talk. Indiebio and Rebelbio are something new though and they have many ideas getting funding and business training there has to be a few breakout success stories.

Golden Age Of Television - There are just so many good Television shows that came out this year, Travellers, Stranger Things, Dirk Gently, Westworld,  and old shows from last year continue to amaze The Expanse, Game Of thrones, The Flash and many more. There are a few good one that I am looking forward to as well. Too bad movies are not of the same satisfying quality as Television ... here's to hoping the coming years will be better.  

Gadgets - I was not too impressed with the gadgets we saw this year The new Galaxy notes were exploding, I tried VR and was disappointed but I did love televisions this year. I don't have an OLED but they are beautiful TVs and they are going to be cheaper this year since OLED technology can be used by companies other then LG. I did get a 4K smart ULED TV this year and my god it as an awesome piece of tech. First of all it is so thin and light and I managed to handle this thing by myself despite the fact that it is 55 inches big... when I gave away our old 50 inch TV it was such a chore for 2 of us to put it in a car. Being smart I can instantly beam youtube videos onto the big screen from my phone, with Freeview all television shows are watchable without the need to record later on. the remote has dedicated buttons for going directly to Netflix and Youtube. On top of all these features it actually takes less energy then our old 50 inch TV.

Xbox One - Until recently the Xbox one was getting destroyed in sales by the Playstation 4. This in spite the fact that the PS4 had not been coming out with any games its just looked more beautiful but Microsoft released a smaller console and many more games in 2016 and have now taken the lead and I love that because I can't have one company just lagging behind they both need to be competing strong with each other.

Isis got its ass whooped - they always take credit for any lone wolf of attackers that terrorise the west but they are on the run they have lost territory after territory. Putin is kicking their ass in Syria,

Anjem Chaudhary Jailed - Not much more clarification needed. They finally threw that cunts ass in Jail.

So that's what I loved in 2016. Its not as big as 2015 but it was a good year. A lot will be changing next year with a trump presidency, and more centre-right politicians coming into power so next years list is probably going to be a lot longer.