Friday, January 6, 2012

24 Random things I learned In 2011

1) Less is more -  Less cleaning maintaining and moving. Concentrate your attention on whats important. Having less commitments means you are free to do cool unexpected things that come along. Read the book The Power Of Less.

2) Friends - Friends are easy to make things are not like they show on TV everyone wants to make connections mostly defeated people want to be hermits but good friends are hard to come by they are ones you can laugh with tell your trouble to, ones that will inspire you to be better and will tell you how things are. They require effort, vulnerability, and patience to grow but are so worth it when you have them.

3) Hard Times - they don't seem like it when you are going through them but hard times are the best times in your life, When the strain passes you'd have grown so much that you would not change a thing.

4) Change - Everything and everyone changes even you. The person and the beliefs you have today are not the same as they were a year ago. Change will happen on its own but you have control of the person you want to be character, habits, ways of thinking, outlook on life. Hang out with people you want to be like, read and watch good a positive material ... have a journal were you acknowledge all the good moments in your life

5) Be Gentle - Being gentle to others is not always easy you can try but people hear what they want to its often best to just be honest. I'm talking about being gentle to yourself, its so easy to be hard on yourself for different choices you could have made but you gotta know that you were doing the best you could in the situation you were in and you are doing the best you can now. Read and listen to things Wayne Dyer. Do this with yourself long enough and you start seeing that everyone else is doing the same even difficult people.

6) Gratitude - Lots of people have genuine reasons to be unhappy, just watch a few shows on SBS and you will see but most have just plane unreasonable reasons if you are unhappy for the things you don't have its probably because you are taking too much for granted Stop It!!! and be happy.

7) Spirituality - Faith does not have to be a religious thing its just a knowing that things will workout.

8) Mutual Benefit - Every relationship you enter into has to be for mutual benefit. People don't care for your troubles unless it fills some of their own needs. The needs others have are not always improper some people want friendship, others have a need to make a difference. People will forget or not even notice your needs if they continue to benefit from you without you telling them about what you want so and you may need to kick up a fuss and be a dick to make others aware of what you want be willing to do this as soon as possible because the longer harder it will be.

9) Apologize - If your actions hurt others were possible just say you are sorry, say you were wrong, I did not consider things like that I see it now and mean what you say if you use this for manipulation people will see right through you and you will be worse off. Wayne Dyer has a saying "If the choice is to be right or kind always make the choice that brings peace".

10) Don't Apologize, don't explain - The above only applies when you are not being harmed. When you want something, state clearly what you want and expect be a dick if you have to and if people don't get it its OK, don't back away. Stop being such an effing nice guy read the book "How to argue and win every time" or no one will respect you

12) Dress proper - People will tell you it does not matter and that's stupid ... you would not show up to a job interview in board shorts. Its not just dress, body language, the sound of your voice and words you need to be aware of all of these things, Use a tongue cleaner, see your dentist twice a year and eat proper. Be gay Dress good, Smell good, take a body trimmer and mow it down  ... chicks dig it :).

13) Emotions - If you want to do something just do it and see what happens (read the book feel the fear and do it anyway). Emotions cloud your judgement, if you are too emotional about anything your rational thinking mind will switch off.. You especially can't get emotional around women they are more emotional then guys and any little emotions you show to them is multiplied by three. If you do get emotional its often best to not show it read the book Thick Face Black Heart and it will explain this in more detail.

15) Happiness comes and goes - There this place I sometimes am able to come to were I'm just happy the past and future don't matter and i'm just able to lie on the couch and do nothing. This is not permanent accept that don't change it with food, TV, alcohol or those internet videos. You especially should not change your state with escapism when you are in pain all escapism except exercise has side effects and can lead to addictions gambling alcohol, needy relationships. Escapisms don't fix anything face what is hurting you, talk to friends, read, journal, or just sit with your pain till you have dealt with it and happy times will come back faster when you do this.

16) Do your best and forget the rest - Tony Horton's signature saying, your best will improve over time, don't have to be perfect today or even be as good as yesterday the mental and physical state you have today are all you get make the most of it.

17) No Guarantees - Putting all your heart into something does not mean it will workout. In the grand scheme of things disappointments don't make a difference what will make a difference is if you let your disappointments kill your enthusiasm for what you love.You should still apply yourself fully to the things that inspire you because the things you pick up on your journey are worth having even if you don't achieve your ultimate goal .Mohammed Ali has a saying "a champion has to be able to take a good punch"

18) Women - I love women, you guys are the best.. They make awesome mates even old ladies have this beauty and grace to them there are exceptions but they are mostly awesome. So fellas just find ways to have lots of em in your life, hug them, tell them they are cute, listen to them, tell them they are gorgeous, make em laugh and help them with whatever they want to achieve they don't have to give you anything back just their presence will energize you .. read the book: Way Of The Superior Man and it will all make sense. I'm not saying you be a doormat walk away from relationships that don't let you be the best.

19) Take the easy way out - Why do a four year university degree to get an income of $25 an hour when you can just do a 2 day forkies course and earn $35 an hour. People value working hard and struggle over achievement ... its stupid, take shortcuts, think different, do what matters or don't bother.. life is short.

20) Have Fun - Always talk achievement, work and hardships and no ones going to want to be around you. Have fun, dance, make faces, do some accents.pick up one of your guy friends and sing Ben Harper to him. Think Richard Branson not Donald Trump. Read any book on happiness be it from John Keehoe or the Delai Lama and they will talk about the importance of being ridiculous.

21) Be The Light - There is a really cool book called Why You Are Dumb Sick And Broke it talks about why it is important to hang out with cool people just there company will lift you up. If you want to have cool people in your life be the cool for them being fun and approachable will only get you an audience ... you need to be able to listen and freely offer your unique talents so they can make the most of their own talents .... its a good trade you are the average of your 10 closest friends.

22) Money - Get this side of your life handled, have a plan, learn about it, money is everything and those who tell you otherwise are idiots.You don't have to wait till you have large amounts you can get ahead in the money game just with what you have. Read the Books "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" And "Richest Man In Babylon"

23) Appropriate trade - If someone is paying you 10 dollars and you are giving them 10 dollars worth of service keep it there, even though all the positivity Gurus will tell you otherwise if one day you decided to give them 15 dollars worth of service it will devalue you your customer who would have been happy paying $10 for his $10 worth of service will start thinking his 10 is worth the 15 you are giving ... this leads to unhappy places for both parties.

24) Be yourself - I heard this a lot but I never really got it a very wise chicky I met in the city this year told me this "To be cool is to genuinely be who you are" ... its a big one its one that needs to settle in

I don't know how to explain this most people don't even know how fake they are here is a little passage I picked up from Byron Katies wonderful book: I need your love: Is that true ? anyone's who has ever had a crush and lost will recognise it:

I thought I had him convinced that I was intelligent, well-read, interesting, smart, even brilliant. I devoted our entire one-month relationship to this pursuit. He told me he didn't want to see me again! When I asked him why, he said that he was looking for someone less intense, someone more open, even someone simple, not so smart. After I got over the blow to my pride, I realized that the real me could have been a perfect match

Just be yourself guys be genuine and you will find that other people who are genuinely cool themselves will want to be around you and you won't even care about approval or company and you will start seeing that the best love you get are from people who see the real you.

You know the saying To love someone is to love them warts and all well live like this long enough and you will start seeing that you don't have any warts and neither do the people that come into your life.

Did you actually read all that lol you're funny .... Thanks if you are one of my mates and want to read anything I have recommended just ask me and I will lend it to you.

Happy 2012 ... wonder what insights and things we will pick up this year .... its exciting.