Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Ice Bath Experiments

Hey readers what I did here actually entitles me to the title of my blog The Adventures of being Dpak you see for two weeks I put about 20 kilos of ice in a tub of water and baithed in it for 20 minutes. Why did I do this you ask ? ... to impress the babes I say (if someone asked me thats probably what I would say)

But seriously it was to lose fat inspired by the Tim Ferris book The 4 Four Body if you do not have the book yet you should really get it because after reading the section in it about giving women 15 minute orgasms a few times you might read the other parts and get some awesome fitness tips.

Here are my Vids


Ice Bath 2

Ice Bath 3

Ice Bath 4

Ice Bath 5

Ice Bath 6

Ice Bath 7

Ice Bath Conclusion