Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 9

Ok I got the car home but as I said before that is not the end of it as a matter of fact there are so many memories going through my head right now that I do not know where to begin. I guess I will start with my mind set which was that it is OK that this car has so many problems because that is what I want, I am gonna be able to get my hands dirty, learn things and just make this car feel like its mine. I also wanted this car to look as good as its full potential and I was going to spend all the money I made that year on my car (minus the 10% that I always save). It was really good that I had clear goals in my mind before I started on this car because I had to pull them out of memory often as things did not always go to plan, people I would pay to do things on my car would let me down, things always seem to cost more then planned and the car would have these unforseen problems.

Now I had my car at home but I could not drive it because I was only had an automatic car license and this was a manual and because of the trip I had used up all my money so I had to wait to get paid before I could do anything. So for about a week I would look forward to getting home from work so I could see my car and seeing it when I got home made me really happy, even though the car had scratches, a huge dent and various other smaller ones, no grill, not paint on the front bumper and cracks on the body kit, it was actually quite messed up but it did not matter because I totally believed that I had the nicest most beautiful car in the whole of Sydney. I actually got home one day to find the was not there because my brother had driven some of the family for a road trip and that made me so angry doesn't he know what I have been through to get that car I don't remember exactly all the things I said but it was to the effect that no one was going to drive my car No One! a few days later I felt really bad about my reaction if it was not for my brother I would never have the car so after much apologizing i told him he could drive the car as much as he wants just so long as he told me and after 2 years we are the only two people(and a few mechanics for brief moments) who can drive this thing.

I tried to get my dad show me he ropes of a manual car but unfortunately he does not know how to teach to drive, he has a demanding and have it his way kind of nature that just drives out my natural drive and enthusiasm (I had been actually trying to become a driver since I was 16 and I got it almost 10 years later when I could afford driving lessons) after two lessons I gave up on him and when I did get paid I just got some driving lessons. When I actually did get my license I think I stalled the car once and that's it I was driving the lesson I got from this experience is that it is good to get paid you are never gonna get ahead if you do not have money.

I should tell about the reaction I got from other people you see as you know I thought my car was the fo shizzle ... the fa shiz nit just like snoop dogg would say it however everyone else did not think so the first time I brought my car to work I will take my friend Kim for example he said "Is that your car ?..." with a look of wtf "its got a lot of scratches on it" and he made it look like he was holding a lot of criticism in. The reactions I got did not matter though I guess I was looking at the car for what it could be but even at its beaten up state I still thought it was gorgeous I would drive through the main st in Blacktown where I live and there is this thin street there with lots of shops on the side With my music illegally loud so that everyone would not miss site of this beutie. Sometime I could get a break from work to park my car and when this would happen I would take my car through main street once again even though I could get into trouble with my boss but I had to show everyone my car and I would hand wash my car often and knew where every detail on the car be it a dent or a scratch and if a new scratch appered (this would usually happened if I went to get my car washed) no matter how small I would be able to spot it .... it was lame and I g0t over it.

I think that is enough for this installment I am sorry about putting up such a me me I I blog I will talk about more interesting things in my next intallment.

Thanks again for reading

Have a good one.