Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The secrets to being happy

Thats a pretty bold title isn't it. Happiness is so weird you could have all you think you want money, a good looking partner a great place to live but still will not be happy were as someone else who may have nothing can be so happy that they would make make the most privileged of people jealous.

So how can I at the infant age of 25 be enlightened enough to know these secrets ? all I can say is read on and see because you know what I think I may just have it ... well this is not really my enlightened teachings they are from a friend (Jennie) of mine who for some reason is always smiling and not too long ago she shared her secrets with me and now I am sharing it with you I hope you find them enlightening. these ideas are collectively called. "Jens Motivation Diet" if you can master all of it you will as happy as this kitty

These are in order of most extreme to least.

1. Meditate and visualize yourself being happy every morning.
2. Write down Affirmations which are:
  • 10 past achievements which you are most proud of.
  • 10 things you like about yourself.
  • 10 things you are greatfull for.
3. Read and listening to positive material
4. Eliminate people who put strain on your life
5. Stay close to people who inspire, motivate and make you smile.
6. Keep your surroundings beutifull.
7. Eat a healthy diet.
9. Exercise regularly
10. Do not procastinate on important tasks get them done as soon as possible.
11. Plan something awsome to forward to.
12. Dress well.
13. Do something fun in the weekend
14. Live within even below your means.

Now go forth and be a happy puppy.

Thanks for reading have a great weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 7

Ok so we are at the motel bit of the journey. I will warn you before you go any further that this is one of my yucky blogs so if you don't wanna know then please skip this blog and I promise there will be no more diarrhea or vomiting stories but if you are going to stick around and read this blog then its cool its actually a pretty good story.

I will start with the guy at the counter he was absolutely sure that brother had booked into the motel a few time before which was not likely because we had not been 500 km near the place ever before so as far as we know my brother has a look alike.

Before we could get into our room we had to lock the bloody car. The car gets locked wirelessly with a button on the key whenever the car got locked (plus have the alarm engaged) or unlocked it would make high pitched clicking noise and if unattended for a minute the cars alarm would click on without locking and if opened it would engage the cars noisy alarm. We did not know how to work the cars noisy alarm/lock system and Andrew had neglected to tell us how this is done. We clicked and put off the alarm so many times in trying to get things in and out of the car that I heard one of the other motel patrons who were probably sleeping already yell out in frustration I am sure if we had been at any longer that we would have had a confrontation with our neighbors but my brother did figure out how the alarms worked before it was too late.

With us finally getting to the room I was quite sick like my joints felt heavy and my insides felt like they were full of sludge again on my sickness scale I was back up to an 80% I just wanted to get to a bed pass out but I was way too uncomfortable to do any of that so the first thing i did was go into the toilet and try and get this crap out of me now this was really funny because I was having explosive diarrhea and I am not even exaggerating the description and I would normally want to keep that private but the door in this motel room was thin as so as far as I know my neighbors could hear it too and for some god forsaken reason I could not stop laughing so what I did was whenever i exploded a big one it would be followed by a big laugh. When I was done my brother was like "why were you laughing so hard" and I thought "If my purpose was to detract people from the dumping by laughing then I guess it worked but that was not my purpose I don't know what was so funny".

Ok so I wrote about my diohorea story if any one has problem with that then screw you man at least i have a story to tell I was sick and I will have you know that this was the last time and I have been flushing nice healthy sausages since then :P.

After the toilet I actually felt quite a bit better I did not feel like eating anything but I was doing better I had a shower brushed my teeth and ate some chocolate ( I had to eat something) that was sitting at the motel. The motel had some chocolate, cookies and drinks we started opening everything to taste them all because they all seemed different to the stuff we normally have thinking it was complementary but we later found out that we had to pay for it all and the damn things were so expensive.

I did not need anymore food I just wanted to go to bed now I told my brother that he could take some money from my wallet and go get some food and he said that he did not want to spend anymore of my money which was really sweet of him because he had found my car and put everything else aside to come and take this car home with me and I was not paying him and to think all that he was doing for me did not register to him and that he was worried about spending a little bit of money of mine to get food was very cool. He did not have much money of his own so after a bit of convincing he took some money and went on his way to find a KFC using the trustee GPS. After he left I was left pondering how lucky I am to have my brother because he is just so awesome in so many ways and my life would be so much less without him.

And with those thoughts I fell asleep and I must have slept 10-12 hour straight and this nap was exactly what I needed because the next when I woke up my sickness was almost totally gone and after my brother got up and we paid it was time to continue our journey but we still had car troubles and I will talk about this and our encounters with "The Law" in the next part.

Well you read my yucky blog so as a reward I will get you to admire this picture of Megan the Fox but boys don't admire too long because if your lady finds out you might be in for some pain.

..... Stop admiring, stop it, stop it!
:) :)
Have a great week

Monday, May 18, 2009

Are You Like Most Guys? (by Nate Green)

As you may already know I write blogs I also like reading them and one of my favorite bloggers is Nate Green and this is one his best writings:

How do you stack up, Slick?

Most guys are physically weak and only "work out" when they're feeling particularly bad about staying up all night drinking and oogling women they'd never have a chance with.

Most guys spend more money on beer than they do on quality food. (And it's piss-beer, at that.)

Most guys have absolutely no idea what kind of body women find attractive.

Most guys are in debt up to their eyeballs and have no way to get out. They then spend money on frivolous, materialistic crap and end up paying 18% interest on something that cost $9.50.

Most guys who have the means skimp on nice clothing and dress like homeless people.

Most guys don’t have a post-workout shake and still wonder why they're not gaining muscle as quickly.

Most guys can't cook.

Most guys only get laid a couple of times per year. And if it's more, most guys screw the same manipulative, bitchy girlfriend who has their balls in a vise grip.

Most guys sit on their ass all day and waste time watching trashy sitcoms.

Most guys haven't opened a book since high school.

Most guys can't deadlift their own body weight.

Most guys don’t even know what a deadlift is.

Most guys back down when they need to stand strong and make up with bombast and ego when they need to feel worthwhile.

Most guys act tough when they feel threatened.

Most guys work a job they hate.

Most guys live a life they hate, or worse, a life they quietly tolerate.

Most guys are sheep who settle for what was given to them.

Most guys don't know their families well.

Most guys hesitate and miss their chance to talk a beautiful girl.

Most guys don't know what they're doing tomorrow.

Most guys have no idea how good a top-notch bourbon, glass of malbec, or a craft beer really tastes.

Most guys are looking for the bigger, better deal and don't live in the present.

Most guys don't travel outside of their city, state, or country.

Most guys make excuses for everything.

Most guys react to every situation.

Most guys give us a bad name.

Most guys survive.

Don't be most guys.


I hope you dont mind me borrowing your blog Nate I did buy your book :D