Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Story Of My Car Part 6

With the GPS fired up we started heading home. We expected to be driving along the coastline when we drove back because that is what it looked like in Google maps but it seemed like we were fairly inland so unfortunately we were not able to have the cool trip we imagined but we did see some really awesome things like the Big Banana, sugar cane fields it reminded me a lot of Fiji the place were we were born, I even saw a Fiji style bus, cattle, and trees whose leaves and branches had fallen so far to the side that the trunks were completely covered.

But anyway back to the journey Andrew was kind (or forgetful) enough to leave a really cool CD full of old rock and pop songs with great base sounds that we could listen to through the massive speakers that the car had ... that Andrew has good taste in music. My brother way initially worried that listening to music like this would run the battery dead however on inspection we discovered that the cars battery system was done up as well so that the car could use a big sound system without worrying about our battery going dead. The batteries did however need to be filled with water which was no problem the GPS showed exactly were we could find a Bunnings from were we bought our distilled water and filled our batteries and now we could listen to the sweet loud music all the way home.

Now we were relying pretty heavily on the GPS devise because the maps we printed off google maps were pretty much useless because you need a point of reference before you could plot a map and we had a turn by turn map but we had no idea were we were on it. It was not long before the GPS started losing power which would not have been a problem because I had bought a car charger with me however Andrew again had neglected to mention that the cars cigarette lighter did not work. Luckily we had two GPS devises one that I had bought and the other one was in my brothers phone. Because we could not leave these things on all the time we just turned them off and looked at them on occasion if we needed a coffee stop or to find out how long we still had to go this system worked out alright for us however there was about a half hour or so during the trip that we had traveled in the wrong direction.

We were trying to get to a motel that we had booked the day before however after a few hours of driving it was getting dark my brother had started yawning which is really bad when you are driving long distances and I was actually getting sick again so we just picked a random motel on the way ( there were tons of motels around we probably passed more motels then service stations). Unfortunately the motel we picked was really expensive I think it was $150 a night and the next motel a few minutes away was only $70 we found this out in the morning but it does not matter just a few extra bucks.

Before we checked in to the motel I called home and told them how I was doing they were understandably quite worried about me but I was better then the day before. I also called work since I had left a bit abruptly and my boss picked up the phone and he was downright hostile I just wanted to know how the gym was doing and if everything was Ok in my absence which it was however he snapped at me and ended the conversation quickly I probably should not have bothered as I had other troubles. My boss was upset with me but I knew he would forgive me as soon as I got back and kept making lots of money and whenI got back he did not bother me about my trip so he is alright.

Now the motel was probably the highlight of this trip as we got to piss off some folk have some explosive diarrheas and deal with an uncoaprative car amongst other things I will write about all this in my next blog.

Thanks for reading have a good one